Applying for a User account

Apply for a new user account (SNAC or HPC2N), or extending an existing one

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In order to apply for a user account to access HPC2N's computer systems, there are a few steps you need to go through (some of the steps are different, depending on whether you are located at a Swedish university or not).

1. If you do not have a SUPR account, you need to register in SUPR, the Swedish User and Project Repository.

  • Go to
  • Choose "Register New Person"
  • There are two options:
    • via SWAMID  (fast, but only for those who are students or employees at a Swedish university or other organization that uses SWAMID). Pick "Register via SWAMID"
      • Choose the University (or other organization) you belong to by clicking on it
      • Click the button "Proceed to Login"
      • Login to your university/organization in the manner you normally do
      • Check info being forwarded by your university/organization and accept it to create a SUPR account
    • Without SWAMID. Pick "Register without SWAMID"
      • Fill in the form. Click the button to create your SUPR account.
      • You will get an email from SUPR. Follow the link there to confirm the user account.

2. When you have your SUPR account, you need to accept the NAISS User Agreement.

  • Just after creating the SUPR account, on the page you are taken to, there will be a section titled "User Agreement" at the very top. Just under it is the button named "Accept NAISS User Agreement". Click it.
    • Alternately, if you do this at a later point. Login to SUPR. At the very top it will say "NAISS User Agreement Pending".
  • You now have two options, with or without SWAMID
    • With SWAMID (Swedish universities/organizations). This is handled online and completed in a few clicks, so you should choose it if you can.
      • Under "Alternative: Online using SWAMID", click "Register SWAMID identity".
      • Choose your university/organization.
      • Login using the standard way for your university/organization.
    • No SWAMID (not at Swedish university/organization). Choose "Alternative: Offline via Paper Form". You will get a page where you are told to check your personal information (listed at the top), read the NAISS User Agreement, and then confirm. The confirmation is done by:
      • Printing out the PDF file
      • Sign the form.
      • Send it together with a photocopy of your passport to the PHYSICAL address indicated in the PDF file, using snail mail. Do NOT email or fax it to HPC2N.
      • Wait to receive confirmation that the User Agreement has been accepted. This may take up to a week, depending on the mail service.

3. You can now create a project, or ask to join a project

  • When your User Agreement has been accepted (and confirmed, which may take a while if you used alternative 2 above), you should login to SUPR again.
  • Two options
    • Create a project.
    • Join a project
      • Click "Projects" in the left side column.
      • Under "Requesting Membership in Projects", put in the name of the PI of the project you wish to join. Click "Search for Project".
      • Click "Request" on the project you wish to join.
      • When your PI has accepted your membership in the project, go to SUPR again to apply for an account at HPC2N. You will receive an email when your application for membership in a project has been accepted.

4. Applying for an account at HPC2N

Note: you must be a member of a project before you do this!

  • Logn to SUPR.
  • Click "Accounts" in the left side column.
  • You can request an account at HPC2N now. Look under the heading "Account Requests" or go directly to the account request page.
  • Click "Request account".
  • Your information will then be sent to HPC2N, and you will be taken back to a webpage where you can choose your username.
  • User accounts are usually created once a week. You will get an email from HPC2N when your account has been created.

5. Extending an existing user account

User accounts are automatically prolonged as long as you are member of an active project. Project memberships are handled in SUPR. If you are not a member of an active project we strongly recommend that you apply for membership in an active project or apply for a new project in SUPR. See "Applying for a project" for more information.
Under some (rare) circumstances we may extend a user account without it being a member of an active project. In that case, contact us at to request a prolonging of your account.

6. Questions?

If you have any questions about how to apply for an account, mail them to:

Find more information about SNAC here. They are responsible for allocating the resources in Sweden.

Updated: 2024-06-15, 11:05