Rules and policies for having an account at HPC2N

Rules and policies for having an account at HPC2N

General rules

  • A user account at HPC2N and through it allotted resources (which is limited in time) may only be used by the authorized account holder.
  • The password for an HPC2N user account must be kept secret and must NEVER be transmitted in clear text. HPC2N will NEVER ask you to submit an email with your password in clear text.
  • The preliminary password must be changed at first login.
  • A user must be a Swedish citizen or hold a non-restricted nationality passport (according to the USA export restrictions) or permanent residence permit.
  • Use of HPC2N facilities and services for commercial purposes is prohibited unless agreed otherwise.
  • Use of the HPC2N facilities and services for other purposes and activities than described in the application to HPC2N is prohibited.
  • An encrypted connection must always be used between HPC2N and the end client.
  • Sabotage or other damaging or disruptive activities directed against the HPC2N facilities or other users is prohibited. Exploitation of defective configurations, program errors or any other method to secure a higher level of privilige than authorized is prohibited.

Additional rules

  • Users generally need to be a member or PI of an active project in order to have an account at HPC2N.
  • In order to be in a project, you need to accept the NAISS User Agreement.


  • All related publications, conference proceedings, and progress reports that result from research using the HPC2N resources will acknowledge HPC2N by including the following: This research was conducted using the resources of High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N). On request any such publications etc must be submitted to HPC2N.
  • NAISS (previously SNIC) must be acknowledged for the use of their resources (computation, support, etc.). The precise wording can be found on the Apply4Acces SNIC page, quite far down on that page.
Updated: 2024-05-14, 14:17