About HPC2N

High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N) is a national center for Scientific and Parallel Computing. The partners of HPC2N are:

This collaboration and coordination between universities and research institutes form a competence network for high performance computing (HPC), scientific visualization, and virtual reality (VR) in Northern Sweden. The primary objective of the center is to raise the national level of competence in high performance computing and to transfer HPC knowledge and technology to new users in academia and industry. Today, the use of HPC include compute-intensive as well as data- and communication-intensive applications.

Some of the tasks and goals of HPC2N are:

  • to supply adequate scalable HPC and VR/visualization resources to meet different and growing needs in the Swedish scientific community, especially in Northern Sweden,
  • to develop efficient computational methods, application parallel software and user-friendly environments for scalable computer systems,
  • to provide a flexible and high-quality user support for all resources operated by HPC2N
  • to design and run education programs for competence development, stimulating the use of scientific and high-performance computing, including scientific visualization and VR techniques, in new areas, both in academia and industry,
  • to perform experimental development and evaluation of parallel algorithms, application software, VR and visualization tools and environments,
  • to provide and further develop an international research environment for scientific and parallel computing in various scientific disciplines and application areas.

HPC2N has a Board of Directors consisting of a Chairman and six members, representing the HPC2N partners and the industry.

HPC2N is mainly funded by the partners. The Kempe Foundations and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation have generously funded computing resources at HPC2N.

Contact information can be found on the 'Contact Us' page.

HPC2N flyer for download [PDF]


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