HPC2N employees, associated researchers, and board members

HPC2N Staff

Name Title E-mail
Erik Andersson System engineer
Paolo Bientinesi Professor, Director of HPC2N
Birgitte Brydsö MSc, IT systems administrator
Niklas Edmundsson MSc, System engineer
Jerry Eriksson Dr, Advanced Consultant
Lena Hellman Administrative assistant
Lars Karlsson Asst. Professor
Pedro Ojeda May Dr, Application expert
Roger Oscarsson System engineer
Mikael Rännar PhLic, Advanced consultant
Åke Sandgren MSc, Research engineer
Björn Torkelsson MSc, Deputy director of HPC2N, System engineer
Lars Viklund MSc, System engineer
Mattias Wadenstein System engineer

HPC2N partner coordinators

Institution Name Title E-mail
Mid-Sweden University David Krapohl Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology Corina Etz Professor
Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) Mats Holmström Assoc. Professor
Swedish University of
Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Anneli Ågren Assoc. Professor
Umeå University Mikael Rännar PhLic

HPC2N associated senior staff

Name Title E-mail
Anders Backman MSc, Research engineer
Martin Berggren Professor
Kenneth Bodin PhLic, IT Project leader
Erik Elmroth Professor
Fred Gustavson Adj. Professor
Bo Kågström Professor, Senior Adviser
Claude Lacoursiérie Dr, Researcher
Johan Tordsson Asst. Professor
Eddie Wadbro Asst. Professor
P-O Östberg Dr, Researcher, Advanced Consultant

HPC2N associated Researchers, Postdocs and PhD students

Name Title E-mail
Stefan Johansson Dr, Associate Professor
Carl Christian Kjelgaard Mikkelsen Dr, Associate Professor
Lars Larsson Dr.

HPC2N Board of Directors

Name Title E-mail
Katrine Riklund (Chairman) Pro-Vice-Chancellor for research and research programmes in medicine, science and technology, UmU
Luleå University of Technology
Pär Weihed Professor, Pro Vice-Chancellor
Corina Etz (deputy) Assistant Professor
Mid Sweden University
Mårten Sjöström Professor
Börje Norlin (deputy) Assistant Professor
Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)
Lars Eliasson Assoc. Prof. Emeritus
Mats Holmström (deputy) Associate Professor
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Rubén Valbuena Professor
Hannele Tuominen (deputy) Professor
Umeå University
Sara Sjöstedt de Luna Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Professor in mathematical statistics
Klas Markström (deputy) Professor
Kenneth Bodin, Algoryx CEO, co-founder and board member of Algoryx
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