Computing resources


Cloud resources


Name Swedish Science Cloud
Type Community Cloud
Usage Free of charge to Swedish PIs and their collaborators. Allocated through SUPR.
Comments A platform to develop knowledge and explore the usefulness of cloud computing. More information on the Swedish Science Cloud homepage.

Storage resources

Name Kryten Center wide storage WLCG storage SNIC Storage
Type Tape storage Fast parallel file system dCache Swestore dCache
Usage WLCG, Swedish HPC centers Project storage WLCG SNIC
Size 2500 tape slots 3 PB fast disk Target 50% of the Swedish Tier1 allocation Target 25% of Swestore dCache
Comments IBM TS4500 3592 "Jaguar" tape library Uses Lustre HPC2N is a Tier-1 node, providing storage and computing services for the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG). HPC2N is one of the nodes hosting Swestore dCache storage

We also have an overview of retired hardware.

Updated: 2024-06-25, 16:43