Under this area you will find information about the installed software and applications on HPC2N's systems, as well as some information about accessing it.

If there is a program you need and it is not installed, you can either install it yourself our ask (mail support at if it can be installed on Abisko and/or Kebnekaise. If the program needs a license, you will in some cases have to provide that.

Much of the software is accessed through the module system. You can read more about using modules on our 'Abisko: Using modules' and 'Kebnekaise: Using modules (Lmod)' pages. When you are looking for a piece of software, try running

  • module avail (on Abisko)
  • ml spider (on Kebnekaise)

or look in /lap to see if it is installed.

Newer versions of the provided software will be installed regularly. However, if you need a new version quickly, please send an email to

For more information, go to the software page for the relevant system:

Updated: 2017-03-22, 15:55