Linux Cheat Sheet

HPC2N,  Umeå University,  Linux Cheat Sheet, 29.10.2015

written by P. Ojeda.

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ls List files in current directory less file See the content of file
ls -lah List files in human readable format vim file Edit file with vim
cd /dir Change to the directory “dir” whereis data Prints out the location of “data”
pwd Your current PATH tar -cvzf file.tgz file Pack an compress “file”
rm file Delete file gunzip file.tgz Uncompress “file.tgz”
rm -rf dir Delete directory tar -xvf file.tar Unpack “file.tar”
* Means zero or any number of characters. Ex. File* could be File, File2, Fileuiwie, ...
? Means only one character. Ex. File? could be File1, Filex, Fileh, but not File22
[] Means a range of characters. Ex. File[1-3] could be File1, File2, File3
grep 'word' file Search for the pattern 'word' in file
grep -rine 'word' home Search for the pattern 'word' recursively in the directory /home
find /home -name '*.dat' Find the files in the directory home ending in '.dat'
find /home -mtime +60 Find every file in /home that was modified more than 60 days ago
| Take the output of one command as the input of another. Ex. ls | grep 'word'
Secure copy protocol
scp file Copy “file” to the home directory of the user “login”
Bash shortcuts vim
ctrl+r Make a reverse search :w file.txt Save file.txt
ctrl+a Go to the beginning of the line :q! Exit without saving
ctrl+e Go to the end of the line :%s/pat1/pat2/g Replace pattern “pat1” by “pat2”
ctrl+w Delete the previous word ctrl+v Start selection
ctrl+k Delete words after cursor dd Delete line
ctrl+u Delete current line x Delete character
ctrl+l Clean terminal r Replace character
awk '/gold/ {print $1}' coins.txt Search for pattern “gold” in the file coins.txt and print first column
Batch jobs
sbatch job.pbs Launch “job.pbs” to the queue
squeue -u login Check the jobs from the user “login"
scancel Remove the job with id “” from the queue
squeue -f Check the details about the job id “”
sshfs /dir1/ /local/dir2 Mount /dir1 (on Quarry) into your /local/dir2
fusermount -u /local/dir2 Unmount the /local/dir2
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