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Cube is free to use and is available to HPC2N's users.


Cube, which is used as performance report explorer for Scalasca and Score-P, is a generic tool for displaying a multi-dimensional performance space consisting of the dimensions (i) performance metric, (ii) call path, and (iii) system resource. Each dimension can be represented as a tree, where non-leaf nodes of the tree can be collapsed or expanded to achieve the desired level of granularity.


Cube can also display multi-dimensional Cartesian process topologies.

The Cube 4.x series report explorer and the associated Cube4 data format is provided for Cube files produced with the Score-P performance instrumentation and measurement infrastructure or the Scalasca version 2.x trace analyzer (and other compatible tools). However, for backwards compatibility, Cube 4.x can also read and display Cube 3.x data.


On HPC2N we have Cube available as a module on Kebnekaise.

Usage at HPC2N 

To use the Cube module, first add it to your environment. Use:

module spider cube

to see which versions are available and how to load the module and the needed prerequisites.

Example, loading Cube version 4.3.4

ml GCC/5.4.0-2.26
ml OpenMPI/1.10.3
ml Cube/4.3.4 

You can read more about loading modules on our Accessing software with Lmod page and our Using modules (Lmod) page.

Additional info 

More information about running Cube can be found on the Cube Homepage and in their User Guide and other documentation.

Updated: 2024-05-14, 14:17