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itac (Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector) is available to all users of HPC2N.


The Intel Trace Collector is a low-overhead tracing library that performs event-based tracing in applications. The Intel Trace Analyzer provides a convenient way to monitor application activities gathered by the Intel Trace Collector through graphical displays.


The Intel Trace Collector (itac) is part of the Intel Parallel Studio. It is a graphical tool for understanding MPI application behavior, finding bottlenecks and errors in parallel cluster applications based on Intel architecture.

  • Powerful MPI Communications Profiling and Analysis
  • Scalable: Low Overhead and Effective Visualization
  • Flexible to Fit Workflow: Compile, Link, or Run

On HPC2N we have itac available as a module on Kebnekaise.

Usage at HPC2N 

Since Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector (itac) is a graphical tool, you will want to login with X11 forwarding turned on and with

ssh -Y username@host

To use the itac module, first add it to your environment. Use:

module spider itac

to see which versions are available and how to load the module.

Example, loading the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 2017

ml itac/2017.3.030

You can read more about loading modules on our Accessing software with Lmod page and our Using modules (Lmod) page.

To run Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector, give the command

Additional info 

More information about usage can be found on the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector homepage.

Updated: 2024-04-17, 14:47