Using SUPR

Using SUPR

SUPR is the NAISS database containing information about users and projects. SUPR is a self-service portal for users of most Swedish HPC Centres. It is used for registering and updating contact info, applying for new projects, requesting membership in projects, and viewing statistics for the projects you are a member of.

Getting a SUPR account

  • Go to the SUPR login page
  • Register a new person in SUPR. (Only if you do not already have a SUPR account - DO NOT create double accounts. Instead, request a new password or contact support at SUPR at (or directly mail to get help with accessing your existing SUPR person.)
    • If you are an employee or student at a Swedish university or other organization that is part of the SWAMID identity federation, you can authenticate using SWAMID. This is easy and fast, and all your data are automatically filled in. You sign in to your home university/organization to do this. At Umeå University, you do that with your UMU-id.
    • Otherwise you can register by filling in all fields from scratch (choose "Without SWAMID"). Then click to create SUPR account. Then confirm the account by answering an email sent to the address you registered.
  • Accept the NAISS user agreement (link goes to the text of the agreement). Click "Accept NAISS User Agreement" on the page you are taken to after creating the account. It will also be on page when you login later, if you have not accepted the user agreement (it will say "NAISS User Agreement Pending").
    • Option 1: Accept by using SWAMID
    • Option 2: If you don't have SWAMID, choose offline via Paper Form. Print out the PDF file, sign the form. Send it together with a photocopy of your passport to the address indicated in the PDF file. When you have received confirmation that the User Agreement has been accepted, login to SUPR again (may take up to a week, depending on mail). Now you can see that your SUPR account is functioning!

When you have a SUPR account, you can join existing projects or apply for a new project. When you are in a project, you can apply for an account at HPC2N.

  • Getting help with SUPR: Fill the form at (or directly mail If you have questions or comments about a decision on a proposal for a project, please use the email address provided in the decision email for that purpose.
Updated: 2024-06-15, 11:05