Project Information - projinfo

Project Information

Sometimes you need to obtain information about current (or past) projects running at HPC2N and their recent CPUhours usage. We recommend you to use SUPR for looking up allocation and resource usage. However we also provide a command line program you can use called:


which allows users to list: 

  • project name, principal investigator (PI) and duration;
  • allocation in CPUhours/month to a specific cluster and the recent fairshare usage;
  • real usage in CPUhours;
  • user accounts (and names) related to a project.

Note: Used CPUhours may differ if you look it up in SUPR compared to what you get from projinfo. Usually the numbers in SUPR are "more correct" than those you get when using projinfo. projinfo get its information from the batch system and does not take into account that different resources are charged differently, for instance the GPU-resources on Kebnekaise.

projinfo's synopsis is as follows: 

projinfo [-v] [-q] [-o] [-u user] [-p project] [-c cluster]
   -v : prints authorized users of a project
   -d : also print user usage per month
   -q : quiet, only print data (intended for script use)
   -o : print information about all (old) projects, not just current
   -u user : print information about specific user
   -p project : print information about specific project
   -c cluster : only print allocations on specific cluster
   -h : prints this help

Used time on the clusters are only available on the login node of the cluster.
Project should be specified as in the submit file
I.E. -p SNIC2020-08-174

If run without any option, projinfo lists all active projects for the current user. If -v option is specified, authorized user accounts will be listed along with the corresponding real names. Sometimes usage information is not available in the job scheduler, in which case you will see N/A for usage. Note that the real usage is approximate but gives a quick indication of the time used. However, the final scheduling priority is determined (among other things) by comparing recent fairshare usage with fairshare utilization target (displayed by projinfo in percent). The following example lists information for an example project SNIC2020-5-28

projinfo -p snic2020-5-28 -v
Information for project SNIC2020-5-28:
    PIs name: Project title
    Active from 20200901 to 20210831
    kebnekaise:       5000 CPUhours/month, used 109.2% the past 30 days
    kebnekaise-lm:     500 CPUhours/month, used 94.2% the past 30 days

Usage on kebnekaise
    2020 Sep:   5046 CPUhours
Authorised users:
    user1   User's real name
    user2   User's real name
Updated: 2024-04-17, 14:47