Running JupyterLab at HPC2N - Julia

Running JupyterLab at HPC2N - Julia

For how to use Jupyter notebook in general, see the Using Jupyter at HPC2N page.

1) In order to use Julia kernels in a Jupyter notebook you need to install the IJulia package in Julia. First load the modules for JupyterLab and Julia (v. 1.8.5 in this case):

module load GCC/10.3.0 JupyterLab/3.2.8
module load Julia/1.8.5-linux-x86_64

2) Then, start a Julia session and add the IJulia package either in Julian mode:


Anaconda is a Python distribution. We ask our users to not install Anaconda on our clusters. We recommand that you consider other options like a virtual environment or a Singularity container, for the most complicated cases.

Upgrade to Ubuntu Focal

Cluster upgrade to Ubuntu Focal 20.04

This is a description of the upgrade to Ubuntu Focal 20.04 of our cluster and what users may have to do to take advantage of it.

When does it start?

The upgrade will start 2021-04-19.

When is it done?

The upgrade was finished 2021-04-27.

FAQ (Setup/installation problems for the "Scientific Computing in R" course)

FAQ (Setup/installation problems for the "Scientific Computing in R" course)

Problems related to access rights


  • I am not allowed to install R due to lack of admin rights
    • You may have to do a an additional work-around step to install in a different location than the default.
    • Pick "R for Windows" from the nearest download mirror: UmU | Pick different mirror

Forgotten password

Forgotten password

If you forget your password it can be reset using the Password reset service. It requires that you have a SUPR id and that your account at HPC2N is connected to your SUPR id.


Common errors when resetting password through SUPR


  • When i am trying to reset my password I am getting this error message.


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