Batch system examples

We have made a few examples of how to use the batch system, both from the command line and through a batch submit file.

Overview of the Batch system examples subpages:

Slurm GPU Resources (Kebnekaise)

Slurm GPU Resources (Kebnekaise)

We have two types of GPU cards available on Kebnekaise, NVIDIA Tesla K80 (Kepler) and NVIDIA Tesla V100 (Volta).

To request GPU resources one has to include a GRES in the submit file. The general format is:

#SBATCH --gres=gpu:<type-of-card>:x

where <type-of-card> is either k80 or v100 and x = 1, 2, or 4 (4 only for the K80 type).

The K80 enabled nodes contain either two or four K80 cards, each K80 card contains two gpu engines.

Running ThinLinc

Running the ThinLinc client

ThinLinc is a cross-platform remote desktop server developed by Cendio AB. You can access Kebnekaise through ThinLinc.

ThinLinc is especially useful when you need to use software with a graphical interface, like INTEL VTune or MATLAB. Look at our MATLAB page for information about running MATLAB.

ThinLinc can be used as a standalone application and also through the Web Access desktop. 


Updated: 2022-11-01, 14:32