Project Information - projinfo

Project Information

Sometimes you need to obtain information about current (or past) projects running at HPC2N and their recent CPUhours usage. We recommend you to use SUPR for looking up allocation and resource usage. However we also provide a command line program you can use called:


which allows users to list: 

Beginner's Guide to clusters

Beginner's Guide to clusters

1. What is a cluster?


A computer cluster consists of a number of computers (few or many), linked together and working closely together. In many ways, the computer cluster works as a single computer. Generally, the component-computers are connected to each other through fast local area networks (LANs).


Support and Documentation

These pages contains various user documentation, such as usage of compilers and the batchsystem. There are also guides to getting started, as well as a FAQ and more advanced information and tutorials.

If you are unable to find your answers here on the HPC2N website, then feel free to contact technical support at

Overview of the documentation pages:


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