Running thinlinc

Running thinlinc

ThinLinc is a cross-platform remote desktop server developed by Cendio AB. At HPC2N, thinlinc is installed on Abisko.

Thinlinc is especially useful when you need to use software with a graphical interface, like MATLAB. Look at our MATLAB page for information about running MATLAB.

Note: thinlinc is currently not functioning since we have not had the time to reinstall it after the upgrade to Linux Ubuntu Xenial. It will be done as soon as possible.

Using thinlinc

  1. Download the client from and install it.
  2. Start the client. Enter the name of the server: and then enter your own username under "Username":
  3. Go to "Options" -> "Security" and change to password as authentication method
  4. Click "Continue" when you are being told that the server's host key is not in the registry.
  5. After a short time, the thinlinc desktop opens, running Mate. It is fairly similar to the Gnome desktop. Click "OK".
  6. All your files on HPC2N should be available.
  7. When you want to shut down the thinlinc connection, but not shut down the session, press 'F8' and choose 'Disconnect session'. Otherwise, you can shut down the whole session by going to "System" -> "Log out <user>". 
Updated: 2018-03-21, 17:35