Anaconda is a Python distribution. We ask our users to not install Anaconda on our clusters. We recommand that you consider other options like a virtual environment or a Singularity container, for the most complicated cases.

Upgrade to Ubuntu Focal

Cluster upgrade to Ubuntu Focal 20.04

This is a description of the upgrade to Ubuntu Focal 20.04 of our cluster and what users may have to do to take advantage of it.

When does it start?

The upgrade will start 2021-04-19.

When is it done?

The upgrade was finished 2021-04-27.

Connecting from Mac/OSX

Connecting from Mac/OSX

If you are connecting to HPC2N from a Mac, you have a number of options, aside from the built in SSH client Terminal. Several exists, both commercial and free. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • ssh (built-in in Terminal)
  • iTerm2 (free)

If you want to be able to open graphical displays (say for opening the Matlab graphical interface), you need an X11 server. It is not installed as standard on Mac, but you can get it by installing XQuartz.

Running ThinLinc

Running the ThinLinc client

ThinLinc is a cross-platform remote desktop server developed by Cendio AB. You can access Kebnekaise through ThinLinc.

ThinLinc is especially useful when you need to use software with a graphical interface, like INTEL VTune or MATLAB. Look at our MATLAB page for information about running MATLAB.

ThinLinc can be used as a standalone application and also through the Web Access desktop. 


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