Installed Compilers

Installed Compilers

There are compilers available for Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Fortran 95, C, and C++. The compilers can produce both general-purpose code and architecture-specific optimized code to improve performance (loop-level optimizations, inter-procedural analysis and cache optimizations).

Accessing software with Lmod

Accessing software with Lmod

Since October 2016 (Kebnekaise) and April 2017 (Abisko) we are using a set of tools called EasyBuild and Lmod to install and manage software packages and their accompanying modules.

This results in a different naming of the modules themselves and also a completely different module layout, compared to how it was done with Tcl modules.

The modules are installed hierarchically in such a way that not all modules are visible initially.

Using modules (Lmod)

Setting up the environment using Lmod

To set up your environment for using a particular (set of) software package(s), you can use the modules that are provided centrally.

On both Abisko and Kebnekaise, interacting with the modules is done via Lmod, using the module command or the handy shortcut command ml.


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