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Slurm GPU Resources (Kebnekaise)

Slurm GPU Resources (Kebnekaise)

NOTE: your project need to have time on the GPU nodes to use them, as they are considered a separate resource now. To use them you use the SLURM command mentioned below. For V100s there is no specific partition you need to give, but there is for the A100s - see below.

We have two types of GPU cards available on Kebnekaise, NVIDIA Tesla V100 (Volta) and NVIDIA A100 (Ampere).

To request GPU resources one has to include a GRES in the submit file. The general format is:

Submit File Design

SLURM Submit File Design

To best use the resources with Slurm you need to have some basic information about the application you want to run.

Slurm will do its best to fit your job into the cluster, but you have to give it some hints of what you want it to do.

The parameters described below can be given directly as arguments to srun and sbatch.

If you don't give SLURM enough information, it will try to fit your job for best throughput (lowest possible queue time). This approach will not always give the best performance for your job.

Updated: 2024-05-14, 14:17