Workshop on Scientific Visualization and VR, 1998



Center for Educational Technology (CUT) and High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N), Umeå University cordially invite you to a one-day Workshop on Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality (VR).


Scientific visualization is a collective name for tools and techniques used in graphical exploration of information and data with the aim of gaining insight and understanding. These techniques make it possible to graphically represent large or multi-dimensional datasets in a way that is easy to understand. With virtual reality tools and techniques direct manipulation and interaction with models is possible. This is in part possible through sophisticated hardware, like head-mounted displays and motion-trackers, but also through advanced software.
VR can also be used in art and culture as a new media for exhibitions.
Dangerous environment can be simulated and explored without any risks to the subject.

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce the available resources at HPC2N and CUT for starting projects in Visualization and VR.
Some of the software will be presented including AVS/Express, a Scientific Visualization environment. Hardware and software in the Umeå University computer graphics laboratory, Wonderland will be presented and demonstrated.


Invited speakers. Thomas Christoffersen, Advanced Visual Systems Inc. (AVS), Denmark. Peter Jacobson, VRlab. Lars Nyberg, Department of Psychology, Umeå University. Uwe Sauer, Umeå Center for Molecular Pathogenesis, Umeå University.

Organizing Committee

Anders Backman, Center for Educational Technology and HPC2N.
Erik Elmroth, Department of Computing Science and HPC2N.
Kenneth Holmlund, Center for Educational Technology.
Per Ling, Department of Computing Science and HPC2N.

Dates and Location.

The workshop will take place May 26, 1998 at the Umeå University campus in MIT-huset, room MA236. The workshop starts at 09.00 on May 26 (registration will be open from 08.30) and ends 16.40.



Tuesday, May 26 - Room MA 236


Anders Backman. Opening.


Bo Kågström, director of HPC2N. Some planned activities in Scientific Visualization and VR at HPC2N.


Lars Nyberg. Visualization of PET data.
Using visualization techniques for displaying PET (Positron Emission Tomography) data in 3-dimensions.


Peter Jacobson. Current activities at VRlab.
A presentation of some of the projects at VRlab.




Uwe Sauer. Grasping complex Molecular- and Structural Biology data.
Simple user-friendly interfaces are required for mining and
visualizing the enormous data flow emerging from genome
sequencing projects and structural data banks.


Thomas Cristoffersen, AVS. Presentation of AVS/Express.
Advanced Visual Systems Inc. demonstrates their product AVS/Express.


Lunch at Corona


  • Demonstration of the computer graphics laboratory, Wonderland at UmU.
  • Visit Alice and Knut – a guided tour to the main computer facilities.
  • Informal discussions with and demonstrations by the AVS representatives.




Jerry Ando, director of CUT. Support to your projects from CUT.
A presentation of what CUT can do to aid you in visualization and VR projects.


Group Discussions.
A possibility to discuss possible projects around visualization and VR in your areas.


Seminar conclusions.


Participation and Registration

There is a nominal fee (200 SEK) for the workshop including coffee and lunch. For registration, please fill in the registration form. We need your registration no later than May 20.
We recommend that you register as soon as possible since the number of participant may have to be limited.


Hotel Björken nearby the conference location (300 m) is available for 535 SEK per night in a single room (785 SEK for a double room). Reservations can be made on individual basis at phone number 090-108700. There are also several good hotels in downtown Umeå.

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