File functions (HDF5)

Table of file functions (H5F)

C Function Fortran Function Purpose
H5Fclear_elink_file_cache (none) Clears the external link open file cache for a file.
H5Fclose h5fclose_f Closes HDF5 file.
H5Fcreate h5fcreate_f Creates new HDF5 file.
H5Fflush h5fflush_f Flushes data to HDF5 file on storage medium.
H5Fget_access_plist h5fget_access_plist_f Returns a file access property list identifier.
H5Fget_create_plist h5fget_create_plist_f Returns a file creation property list identifier.
H5Fget_filesize h5fget_filesize_f Returns the size of an HDF5 file.
H5Fget_freespace h5fget_freespace_f Returns the amount of free space in a file.
H5Fget_info (none) Returns global information for a file.
H5Fget_intent (none) Determines the read/write or read-only status of a file.
H5Fget_mdc_config (none) Obtain current metadata cache configuration for target file.
H5Fget_mdc_hit_rate (none) Obtain target file’s metadata cache hit rate.
H5Fget_mdc_size (none) Obtain current metadata cache size data for specified file.
H5Fget_name h5fget_name_f Retrieves name of file to which object belongs.
H5Fget_obj_count h5fget_obj_count_f Returns the number of open object identifiers for an open file.
H5Fget_obj_ids h5fget_obj_ids_f Returns a list of open object identifiers.
H5Fget_vfd_handle (none) Returns pointer to the file handle from the virtual file driver.
H5Fis_hdf5 h5fis_hdf5_f Determines whether a file is in the HDF5 format.
H5Fmount h5fmount_f Mounts a file.
H5Fopen h5fopen_f Opens existing HDF5 file.
H5Freopen h5freopen_f Returns a new identifier for a previously-opened HDF5 file.
H5Freset_mdc_hit_rate_stats (none) Reset hit rate statistics counters for the target file.
H5Fset_mdc_config (none) Use to configure metadata cache of target file.
H5Funmount h5funmount_f Unmounts a file.

File creation property list functions (H5P)

C Function Fortran Function Purpose
H5Pset/get_userblock h5pset/get_userblock_f Sets/retrieves size of user-block.
H5Pset/get_sizes h5pset/get_sizes_f Sets/retrieves byte size of offsets and lengths used to address objects in HDF5 file.
H5Pset/get_sym_k h5pset/get_sym_k_f Sets/retrieves size of parameters used to control symbol table nodes.
H5Pset/get_istore_k h5pset/get_istore_k_f Sets/retrieves size of parameter used to control B-trees for indexing chunked datasets.
H5Pset_shared_mesg_nindexes h5pset_shared_mesg_nindexes_f Sets number of shared object header message indexes.
H5Pget_shared_mesg_nindexes (none) Retrieves number of shared object header message indexes in file creation property list.
H5Pset_shared_mesg_index h5pset_shared_mesg_index_f Configures the specified shared object header message index.
H5Pget_shared_mesg_index (none) Retrieves the configuration settings for a shared message index.
H5Pset_shared_mesg_phase_change (none) Sets shared object header message storage phase change thresholds.
H5Pget_shared_mesg_phase_change (none) Retrieves shared object header message phase change information.
H5Pget_version h5pget_version_f Retrieves version information for various objects for file creation property list.
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