File driver functions (HDF5)

File driver functions (H5P)

C Function Fortran Function Purpose
H5Pset_driver (none) Sets a file driver.
H5Pget_driver h5pget_driver_f Returns the identifier for the driver used to create a file.
H5Pget_driver_info (none) Returns a pointer to file driver information.
H5Pset/get_fapl_core h5pset/get_fapl_core_f Sets driver for buffered memory files (i.e., in RAM) or retrieves information regarding driver.
H5Pset_fapl_direct h5pset_fapl_direct_f Sets up use of the direct I/O driver.
H5Pget_fapl_direct h5pget_fapl_direct_f Retrieves direct I/O driver settings.
H5Pset/get_fapl_family h5pset/get_fapl_family_f Sets driver for file families, designed for systems that do not support files larger than 2 gigabytes, or retrieves information regarding driver.
H5Pset_fapl_log (none) Sets logging driver.
H5Pset/get_fapl_mpio h5pset/get_fapl_mpio_f Sets driver for files on parallel file systems (MPI I/O) or retrieves information regarding the driver.
H5Pset_fapl_mpiposix h5pset_fapl_mpiposix_f Stores MPI IO communicator information to a file access property list.
H5Pget_fapl_mpiposix h5pget_fapl_mpiposix_f Returns MPI communicator information.
H5Pset/get_fapl_multi h5pset/get_fapl_multi_f Sets driver for multiple files, separating categories of metadata and raw data, or retrieves information regarding driver.
H5Pset_fapl_sec2 h5pset_fapl_sec2_f Sets driver for unbuffered permanent files or retrieves information regarding driver.
H5Pset_fapl_split h5pset_fapl_split_f Sets driver for split files, a limited case of multiple files with one metadata file and one raw data file.
H5Pset_fapl_stdio H5Pset_fapl_stdio_f Sets driver for buffered permanent files.
H5Pset_fapl_windows (none) Sets the Windows I/O driver.
H5Pset_multi_type (none) Specifies type of data to be accessed via the MULTI driver enabling more direct access.
H5Pget_multi_type (none) Retrieves type of data property for MULTI driver.
Updated: 2022-08-05, 10:24