File access property list functions (HDF5)

File access property list functions (H5P)

C Function Fortran Function Purpose
H5Pset/get_alignment h5pset/get_alignment_f Sets/retrieves alignment properties.
H5Pset/get_cache h5pset/get_cache_f Sets/retrieves metadata cache and raw data chunk cache parameters.
H5Pset/get_elink_file_cache_size (none) Sets/retrieves the size of the external link open file cache from the specified file access property list.
H5Pset/get_fclose_degree h5pset/get_fclose_degree_f Sets/retrieves file close degree property.
H5Pset/get_gc_references h5pset/get_gc_references_f Sets/retrieves garbage collecting references flag.
H5Pset_family_offset h5pset_family_offset_f Sets offset property for low-level access to a file in a family of files.
H5Pget_family_offset (none) Retrieves a data offset from the file access property list.
H5Pset/get_meta_block_size h5pset/get_meta_block_size_f Sets the minimum metadata block size or retrieves the current metadata block size setting.
H5Pset_mdc_config (none) Set the initial metadata cache configuration in the indicated File Access Property List to the supplied value.
H5Pget_mdc_config (none) Get the current initial metadata cache configuration from the indicated File Access Property List.
H5Pset/get_sieve_buf_size h5pset/get_sieve_buf_size_f Sets/retrieves maximum size of data sieve buffer.
H5Pset_libver_bounds h5pset_libver_bounds_f Sets bounds on library versions, and indirectly format versions, to be used when creating objects.
H5Pget_libver_bounds (none) Retrieves library version bounds settings that indirectly control the format versions used when creating objects.
H5Pset_small_data_block_size h5pset_small_data_block_size_f Sets the size of a contiguous block reserved for small data.
H5Pget_small_data_block_size h5pget_small_data_block_size_f Retrieves the current small data block size setting.
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