Course: Introduction to Git, 13-17 November 2023

  • Posted on: 4 October 2023
  • By: bbrydsoe

Course: Introduction to Git

The course will be an introduction to version control, with a strong focus on Git.

Some of the main concepts, like repositories, commits, trees, branches, and merges will be covered, as will many of the basic commands, like clone, add, push, pull, commit, and fork. We will also go one step beyond the basic concepts and explain the fundamentals of how commits and branches can be manually created by using so-called "plumbing" (low-level) subcommands.

The lectures will be complemented by demos, as well as hands-on, during which the participants will learn both how to do simple Git commands as well as more complex cases. The hands-ons will mainly be done using GitHub.

Purpose: Learn what Version Control is and how to get started using Git.

Format: The course will be five half-days and comprised of lectures and hands-on sessions. This is an online-only course (Zoom)

Audience: This NAISS course is a cooperation between HPC2N and UPPMAX. It is open for anyone in Swedish academia. You will be using your own computer or other existing computer access for the course. If you do not have access to a computer that can run Git (or which you can install Git on), then there will be an option to use UPPMAX resources for this (Rackham).


  • Basic knowledge of using the command line.
  • Basic knowledge of using a text editor of your choice on your system.
  • A GitHub user account (free - can be created for the course).
  • A reasonably recent version of Git installed on your system. See the Git homepage.

Date: 2023-11-(13-17).
Time: 8:30-12:00 on the first day (the first half-hour is an optional Git installation session for those that need it), 9:00-12:00 on the rest of the days.
Deadline for registration: 2023-11-06.

For more information and registration, see the course website:


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