Running thinlinc

Running thinlinc

ThinLinc is a cross-platform remote desktop server developed by Cendio AB. At HPC2N, thinlinc is installed on Kebnekaise.

Thinlinc is especially useful when you need to use software with a graphical interface, like INTEL VTune or MATLAB. Look at our MATLAB page for information about running MATLAB.

NOTE: that the thinlinc installation is currently in beta, and that some things may not work as expected. Please report anything strange to

Using thinlinc

  1. Download the client from and install it.
  2. Start the client. Enter the name of the server: and then enter your own username under "Username":
  3. Go to "Options" -> "Security" and check that authentication method is set to password.
  4. Go to "Options" -> "Screen" and uncheck "Full screen mode".
  5. Click "Connect"
  6. Click "Continue" when you are being told that the server's host key is not in the registry.
  7. After a short time, the thinlinc desktop opens, running Mate. It is fairly similar to the Gnome desktop.
  8. All your files on HPC2N should now be available.
  9. To start a terminal window, go to the menu at the top. Click “Applications” → “System Tools” → “MATE Terminal”.
  10. When you want to shut down the thinlinc connection, this can be done in two ways.
    1. Go to "Applications” → “HPC2N” → “Disconnect ThinLinc Session” or “Applications” → “HPC2N” → “Logout from ThinLinc Session”. 
      1. Disconnect keeps the session so you can connect to it again, so you should use this if you are working on something you wish to continue later.
      2. Logout will stop the session completely and should be used if you are not doing something that needs to be continued. Since a disconnected, but still running session takes resources from others, you should use logout when you can.
    2. There is a logout button in the top menu bar, to the right. If you need to merely disconnect, use the option under "Applications” → “HPC2N”.
  11. If you have a running thinlinc session (that you disconnected from) and there are any problems with the thinlinc session when you connect again, you can check the “End existing session” option when you log back in to the session.
Updated: 2018-05-22, 15:38