New nodes available on Kebnekaise, 2024-06-05

  • Posted on: 5 June 2024
  • By: ake

We have now enabled our new AMD based nodes for production use.

The new nodes are AMD based cpus, both zen3 and zen4. Some have GPU's attached.

They are running Ubuntu Jammy (22.04).

We have

 - one zen3 node with 2x64 cores
 - two zen3 nodes with 2x24 cores and 2x Nvidia A100 gpus
 - one zen3 node with 2x24 cores and 2x AMD MI100 gpus.

 - 8 zen4 nodes with 2x128 cores
 - 1 zen4 node with 2x24 cores and 2x Nvidia A6000 gpus
 - 10 zen4 nodes with 2x24 cores and 2x Nvidia L40s gpus
 - 2 zen4 nodes with 2x48 cores and 4x Nvidia H100 SXM5 gpus

There is one login node with AMD zen3 cpus and Ubuntu Jammy where you can check which software modules are available on these nodes.
The AMD zen3 login node is called


Due to this new hardware we have made some changes to how the batch system works.

Please do read the updated documentation on under the "The Batch System" section especially the "The different parts of the batch system" part which describes the new setup.

(The other sections are still work in progress and will be updated as we move forward.)


If you are currently using something based on GCC/10.3.0, foss/2021a, gompi/2021a, intel-compilers/2021.2.0, intel/2021a or earlier, it WILL NOT work on the new nodes.

Please update your submit files and workflow to use a newer toolchain, the newer the better. We have tried to reach out to anyone we could find that is using too old versions, but we're bound to miss someone.

If you find some software missing, please let us know as soon as possible. Use the support form at (preferred) or mail to and let us know.

Updated: 2024-06-15, 11:05