Inauguration of the HPC2N Super Cluster

High Performance Cluster Computing -
Inauguration of the HPC2N Super Cluster

Umeå University, August 27, 2002

High Performance Computing Center North cordially invites you to participate in the inauguration of the new HPC2N Super Cluster, currently the fastest and most powerful computer system in Sweden.

The programme includes presentations by scientists using the super cluster system, state-of-the-art technical overviews and the formal inauguration of the HPC2N Super Cluster.

The procurement of the HPC2N Super Cluster was made possible through a donation from the Kempe Foundations ( Kempestiftelserna).

For more information about the HPC2N Super Cluster see the press release (in Swedish), our web information and the article from our latest Progress Report: Building a Super Cluster: The Nuts and Bolts of Cluster Computing .

Dates and Location
The presentations and inauguration will be held on August 27, 2002 in the MIT-building (Lecture Hall MA 121) at the Umeå University Campus.
Detailed Program
Tuesday August 27 - Lecture Hall MA 121


CHAIRPERSON: Bo Kågström, Director HPC2N

Welcome and Opening

13.20 Electron-Structure Calculations for the Physics of Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces
Mats Persson, Department of Applied Physics, Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University
14.00 The Effect of Disorder on Model High-Tc Superconductors
Peter Olsson, Department of Physics, Umeå University
14.20 Graph Theory and Statistical Physics - Expected Progress and Impact from Using the HPC2N Super Cluster
Roland Häggkvist, Department of Mathematics, Umeå University
14.40 GigaSUNET - Fast Networks and Computers
Hans Wallberg, SUNET and Umdac, Umeå University
15.00 Coffee


CHAIRPERSON: Jan-Erik Ögren, Chairman of the HPC2N Board of Directors

HPC2N and Our Role in the Swedish Metacenter SNIC
Bo Kågström, HPC2N

15.30 The HPC2N Super Cluster - the Nuts and Bolts and Benchmark Results
Erik Elmroth and Mats Nylén, HPC2N
15.50 The HPC2N Super Cluster

A Strategic Resource in Northern Sweden
Inge-Bert Täljedal, Rector, Umeå University

Formal Inauguration and Naming
Carl Kempe, Chairman of the Kempe Foundations, Deputy Chairman of Holmen AB and Chairman of MoRe Research AB

Building of the HPC2N Super Cluster - from Bits and Pieces to Sweden's Fastest Computer System

Visit the HPC2N Super Cluster
Sparkling beverages will be served

17.00 Dinner Buffet at Brashörnan, Universum
Participation and Registration
There is no registration fee for the inauguration. Registration is needed for us to know how many participants there will be during the inauguration and the dinner buffet.

For registration, please fill in the registration form (closed). Alternatively, you can e-mail your registration to Lena Hellman ( Make sure you include the following information: Name, address, department, phone-number, and e-mail address.

We need your registration no later than August 23, 2002.

Accommodation information
See our page about accommodation in Umeå.
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