High Performance Computing II, March 2014 - Schedule

High Performance Computing II

Schedule, Umeå, 2014

More information will be added about the contents of the lectures!

Week 12

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  17 18 19 20 21
9-10   Lecture 4 Lecture 7 Lecture 10 Lecture 13
10-11   Lecture 5 Lecture 8 Lecture 11 Lecture 14
11-12   Lecture 6 Lecture 9 Lecture 12 Lecture 15
12-13 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13-14 Lecture 1 Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3  
14-15 Lecture 2        
15-16 Lecture 3        



Lectures 1-2: Basics of parallel linear algebra (Bo Kågström)

Lecture 3: Mangement of deep memory hierarchies - recursive blocking and hybrid data structures (Bo Kågström)

Lecture 4: Introduction to the HPC2N computer systems (Mikael Rännar)

Lectures 5-6: Templates for dense and sparse eigenvalue problems (Bo Kågström)

Lectures 7-9: Scientific Computing with PETSc and SLEPc (José E. Román)

Lectures 10-11: General HPC library software and tools: Dense linear algebra (Mikael Rännar)

Lecture 12: Survey of tools for developing HPC applications (Mikael Rännar)

Lectures 13-15: Graph partitioning and N-body problems (Lars Karlsson)


The assignment titles are preliminary, and the instructions will be presented later.

Assignment 1: Basic parallel linear algebra (Mikael Rännar)
Aim: To familiarize the student with message passing parallel programming using basic linear algebra as examples.
Instructions for assignment 1

Assignment 2: Sparse linear system and eigenvalue solvers (José E. Román)
Aim: To practice and learn how to use the PETSc and SLEPc toolkits.
Instructions for assignment 2

Assignment 3: Dense HPC libraries (Mikael Rännar)
Aim: To practice and learn how to use the ScaLAPACK library.
Instructions for assignment 3


All lectures will be held in MIT-huset in the following rooms:

Monday: MC413
Tuesday: MA478
Wednesday: MC413
Thursday: MA478
Friday: MA478

All computer projects (assignments) in Room MA426

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