Kebnekaise is the new supercomputer at HPC2N. It is named after the massif of the same name, which has some of Sweden's highest mountain peaks. Just as the massif, the supercomputer Kebnekaise is a system with many faces. 

As we are currently in delivery acceptance test not all details about the system are available yet. More information will follow shortly. Including information about operating system, available software, scheduling etc.

Storage Resources

Storage resources

Center Wide Storage

The new Center Wide Storage is delivered by DDN and consists of approximately 3PB storage on spinning disks and ~200TB of NVMe (flash based storage). NVMe is used for metadata and to speed up access to active data. As previously we will be running a Lustre file system on the new storage.



Abisko CPU Architecture

Abisko CPU Architecture

Understanding of the underlying architecture in Abisko is essential in obtaining optimal performance for all but trivial use cases.

Abisko is comprised of 318 compute nodes, each with 4 sockets of AMD Opteron 6238 (also known as Interlagos, Bulldozer core). They are clocked at 2.6GHz nominally, with overclock/TurboMode of up to 3.2GHz depending on how many cores are idle.

The 308 thin nodes have 128GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, the remaining 10 fat nodes have 512GB of DDR3-1066 RAM.


Updated: 2024-04-11, 12:28