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Minor upgrade to $HOME and project storage file servers 2021-05-26 - FINISHED

  • Posted on: 24 May 2021
  • By: ake

During the period 2021-05-26 - 27 we will be doing a minor upgrade to the file servers for $HOME and the project storage.

The upgrade will be done in two stages to avoid requiring a full downtime.

There will be an initial shorter service interrupt Wednesday around lunch, followed by reduced performance.

There will then be another slightly longer service interrupt followed by another period of reduced performance.

When the second interrupt occurs depends on how fast the first stage of the upgrade goes.


File systems

File systems

This section provides information about the file systems at HPC2N. Since your home directory is per default quite small, you should keep files needed for your jobs in your project storage. Read more on the 'File system/Storage' page.

There is also a short description of the most common environment variables, as well as instructions on how to compress and archive your data and other files.

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