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Extrae is available to all users of HPC2N.


Extrae is the core instrumentation package developed by the Performance Tools group at BSC.


Extrae is capable of instrumenting applications based on MPI, OpenMP, pthreads, CUDA1, OpenCL1, and StarSs1 using different instrumentation approaches. The information gathered by Extrae typically includes timestamped events of runtime calls, performance counters and source code references. Besides, Extrae provides its own API to allow the user to manually instrument his or her application.


On HPC2N we have Extrae available as a module on Kebnekaise.

Usage at HPC2N 

To use the Extrae module, first add it to your environment. Use:

module spider extrae

to see which versions are available, as well as how to load the module and the needed prerequisites.

Note that while the case does not matter when you use "ml spider", it is necessary to match the case when loading the modules.

You can read more about loading modules on our Accessing software with Lmod page and our Using modules (Lmod) page.

Additional info 

More information about Extrae can be found on the Extrae homepage. There is an Extrae User Manual here.

Updated: 2024-04-17, 14:47