New hardware available on Kebnekaise including new GPUs

  • Posted on: 20 June 2023
  • By: ake

There are three new nodes available on Kebnekaise.

Two of the new nodes have dual NVIDIA A100 GPUs and one is a many-core CPU node.

There are some notable differences with these nodes.

 - They have AMD Zen3 CPUs, so some self compiled codes may not run if heavily optimized.
 - The GPU enabled nodes have 2 CPU sockets with 24 cores each, i.e. 48 in total and 512GB memory (or 10600MB/core usable)
 - The CPU-only node have 2 CPU sockets with 64 cores each and 1TB of memory (or 8020MB/core usable)
 - They are running a newer Ubuntu distribution (Jammy, 22.04)
 - Some software may be missing or might only be installed using a newer toolchain.

There is a new login node with the same setup, AMD Zen3 cpus, one A100 card and Ubuntu Jammy, that it is preferable to use when exploring the new nodes since there one can easily verify which softwares are available and not.

The login node is kebnekaise-amd, or if you want to use thinlinc, kebnekaise-amd-tl.

To access the A100 batch nodes use

#SBATCH -p amd_gpu
#SBATCH --gres=gpu:a100:1 (or gpu:a100:2 if required)

To use the CPU-only AMD Zen3 node use

#SBATCH -p amd


If there are any questions about these, or if there is some software missing, send a mail to and let us know.

Updated: 2024-02-26, 13:52