2023-01-30 07:00 Planned maintenance of the cooling systems and central file system (FINISHED 2023-02-02 20:30)

  • Posted on: 20 January 2023
  • By: brorerik

Akademiska hus have a planned maintenance of the cooling systems for the HPC2N Infrastructure computer hall on 2023-02-01

We'll coordinate an upgrade of the central file system around their maintenance to minimize the time the cluster is draining jobs.

The combined maintenance window will therefore start on 2023-01-30 07:00 and according to our planning end on 2023-02-03 16:00

All Kebnekaise nodes, central storage and the login nodes will be unavailable during this time.

As usual, the system will only allow jobs with a runtime that ends before the Maintenance to start, so during the last week adding jobs (if possible) with shorter runtime will allow your to run jobs right up and until the Maintenance starts.




*** UPDATE  2023-02-02 20:30 ***

The maintenance has been completed and Kebnekaise and the central file system is up and working again normally


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