2022-12-05 File system down, login not working (SOLVED 23:58)

  • Posted on: 5 December 2022
  • By: brorerik

We are currently experiencing file system server problems.

This is blocking logins and is also affecting running jobs.

We're working to get it back online but currently have no ETA for this.

UPDATE 23:58

The issues has now been resolved and all systems are working normally and the jobs queues are active,

UPDATE 17:30

The work with the file system verification continues, the job queues will not be up until late this evening or around 09.00 tomorrow.

UPDATE 13:10

The file system is back up, but we are working with a few things so no new jobs will be able to start until later today, our current estimate is after 16.00

The login nodes are available again and should work normally

UPDATE 10.45

We have found some issues that need to be corrected, doing this will take several hours, next update will be around 15.00 and we will hopefully have a better grasp of when the system might be online again.


Updated: 2024-06-25, 16:43