Upgrade to Ubuntu Focal on clusters starting 2021-04-19 *UPDATED 2021-04-27, DONE*

  • Posted on: 12 April 2021
  • By: ake

Since the current operating system version, Ubuntu Xenial 16.04, that we are running on our clusters is reaching its End-Of-Life on 2021-04-30, we are upgrading to Ubuntu Focal 20.04.

The upgrade process will start 2021-04-19 and will be done with minimal impact to users running jobs.

Access to user data will not be affected by this upgrade.

There is already now a test environment available for users to check this out.

It is imperative that users test this out as soon as possible and notify us of any missing softwares.

All details are available at our Cluster upgrade to Ubuntu Focal 20.04 page.

* UPDATE 2021-04-21 *

The Cluster upgrade to Ubuntu Focal 20.04 page now has a current status section.

* UPDATE 2021-04-27 *

The update is now done.

Logins done before 09:30 should be terminated and reconnected to take full advantage of the last changes.

Updated: 2024-02-26, 13:52