Power failure at HPC2N, both clusters down, 20181019 19:15, *SOLVED 20181022 13:00*

  • Posted on: 19 October 2018
  • By: ake

We have suffered a power failure at HPC2N due to cooling failure.

The power failure covers both Kebnekaise and Abisko, thus all jobs that where running have failed and no new jobs can start.

This may also result in problems login in to Kebnekaise if your login shell tries to access the /pfs/nobackup file system or load modules.

We have stopped all queues and will asses the situation as soon as we can.


*UPDATE 20181022 09:00*

The problem with the cooling system should be fixed according to Akademiska Hus.

We are currently stress testing the system to verify that it behaves as it should.


*UPDATE 20181022 13:00*

Both clusters are now back online.

Updated: 2024-06-11, 11:16