Intel Xeon Phi 7250 (KNL) nodes are available

  • Posted on: 15 May 2017
  • By: torkel

Intel Xeon Phi 7250 (KNL) nodes are available

The Intel Xeon Phi 7250 (KNL) nodes are finally available for general usage. Everyone with a project on Kebnekaise have access to the nodes and should be able to compile, build and submit jobs to the KNL-nodes.

For instructions how to use the KNL-nodes see Using the Intel Xeon Phi 7250 (KNL) nodes.

A more general description of the KNL architecture is a available from our Overview of the KNL architecture.

Only software that are known to be optimized for the KNL architecture have been installed.

There are still a few rough edges to iron out and we are trying to solve any problems as fast as possible. The nodes should be considered as being in “pre production” state, and we may need to do maintenance on them with short notice.

For questions and problems please contact

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