/pfs/nobackup not accessible

  • Posted on: 28 April 2016
  • By: admin

There is a problem with the /pfs/nobackup file system as mounted on the login nodes and compute nodes, all accesses to it will hang.

If you currently touch that filesystem in your .bashrc or other login scripts, it's likely that your login attempt will appear to be hung.

*UPDATE 2015-02-28 11:15*
The problem has been reported to the vendor and we are waiting for them to get back to us
Batch queus has been stopped so no more jobs will be affected.

*UPDATE 2015-03-01 12:45*
The problem has been fixed, so jobs and PFS should once again be operational.

Sat, 2015-02-28 05:03 | Lars Viklund

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