Problem with /pfs/nobackup file system

  • Posted on: 28 April 2016
  • By: admin

The /pfs/nobackup file system is currently suffering from a misconfiguration.

The file system was created with fewer inodes than intended and we are in short supply at the moment.

This makes creation of files or directories to fail when we run out of inodes and thus may cause jobs to fail.

At the time of writing (2015-01-12 16:18 CET) we have ~4 million inodes available so the problem is not immediate but depending on what jobs are currently in the queue this could change quickly.

We will fix this problem during a maintenance window we have on Wednesday 2015-01-21.
During that window no jobs will be running and the login nodes of both clusters will be shutdown.

This is needed because the file system must be quiecent during the operation.

Mon, 2015-01-12 17:27 | Åke Sandgren

Updated: 2023-11-27, 11:28