Kebnekaise will be retired as a national resource

Kebnekaise will be retired as a national resource

Operating since 2016, Kebnekaise remains a unique resource with its mix of standard CPU nodes, GPU nodes, large memory nodes and Intel Knights Landing nodes. Due to its age, as of 2023-01-01, Kebnekaise will no longer be available as a national resource via NAISS/SNIC. Instead, we refer to other national resources available through NAISS/SNIC, see NAISS/SNIC Rounds for more information on available resources.

Discussions are ongoing with NAISS to be able to make parts of Kebnekaise available nationally also in parts of 2023, especially the GPU and Large Memory nodes, as there is still a high demand for these at the national level. HPC2N will collaborate with NAISS, the new national organization taking over from SNIC from 2023-01-01 and will continue to have national and international missions.

However, HPC2N's aim is that we will continue to operate Kebnekaise as a local/regional resource for researchers at HPC2N's partners (IRF, LTU, Mittuniversitetet, SLU and UmU). The details of the continued operation of Kebnekaise are not yet fully resolved. We are also investigating the possibilities of replacing parts of Kebnekaise with a more modern system for local and regional needs. More information will follow as soon as it is available.

For the time being, researchers at HPC2N's parties can apply for time at Kebnekaise via the HPC2N Local Compute and Storage rounds. Applications will be processed and approved with the caveat that we cannot guarantee that Kebnekaise will continue for the full allotted time of the projects.

Updated: 2023-03-07, 11:24