NDGF All Hands meeting 4-5/12 2013

NDGF All Hands meeting 4-5/12 2013

The NDGF All Hands meeting on 4-5/12 2013 was hosted by HPC2N, and was held at Umeå University.


What is NDGF?

The NDGF (Nordic DataGrid Facility) is a project inside the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC), providing operations and support for the WLCG Tier1, NDGF-T1.

Currently, NDGF resources for computing are accessible through ARC grid-middleware, and the distributed storage is provided by the dCache middleware.

A NDGF All Hands meeting has generally been held twice a year.



The NDGF All Hands Meeting 4-5/12 2013



Location: Umeå University, MIT huset


Participants: 17 in total. 4 from HPC2N, 3 from CSC, 3 from University of Oslo, 3 from NeIC, 2 from NSC, 1 from PDC, and 1 from Lund University.

Brief overview:

  • NeIC Staff Meeting
  • Operations
  • Development, ARC
  • Development, SGAS
  • Development, dCache
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