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POSTPONED: Introduction to GIT, 29 April 2020

Introduction to GIT

ATTENTION: Due to the current situation with the covid-19 virus, the course has been postponed until the fall. More information will follow.

The course will be an introduction to version control, with a focus on GIT.

Some of the main concepts, like repositories, commits, trees, branches, and merges will be covered, as will many of the basic commands, like clone, add, push, pull, commit, and fork.

The lectures will be complemented by hands-on, during which the participants will learn both how to do simple GIT commands as well as more complex cases. The hands-ons will mainly be done using GitHub.

Purpose: Learn what Version Control is and how to start using GIT.


  • Basic knowledge of using the command line.
  • Basic knowledge of using a text editor of your choice on your system.
  • A GitHub user account.
  • A reasonably recent version of GIT installed on your system. See the GIT homepage.

Date: 2020-04-29
Time: 9:00-17:30
Location: N330
Instructors: Mirko Myllykoski, Pedro Ojeda-May, Birgitte Brydsö
Deadline for registration: 2020-03-23

Preliminary schedule

  • 9:00 Introduction to Version Management. Why it is a good idea to use version management. (MM)
  • 9:15 Git on Windows. git-scm.com etc. (BB)
  • 9:30 Hands-on: Clone GIT repository. Add file. Etc. (all)
  • 10:00 Introduction to GIT. (MM)
    • What is it.
  • 10:30 COFFEE BREAK
  • Introduction to GIT, continued (MM)
    • Local/remote.
    • Staging Area. Index.
  • 11:15 Basic Commands. Push, pull, commit, clone, fork.... (PO)
  • Hands-on: Create repository. Globals. Create and commit file. Push. Etc. (all)
  • 12:15 LUNCH
  • 13:15 Hands-on continues
  • 14:00 Version History. Traversing the comment tree. Head. (MM)
  • Hands-on. Group work. Pull, commit, push. Train on existing repository. Fork. Merging. (all)
  • 14:30 COFFEE BREAK
  • 15:00 Branches. Merging. Conflicts. (PO)
  • 15:45 GITLab, GIThub, Bitbucket webpages. How to use them. Keys. (PO)
  • Hands-on
  • 16:15 Graphical interfaces to GIT, tools for GIT (GIT kraken, ...) (BB)
  • Hands-on
  • 16:45 Common problems
  • 17:30 END OF COURSE

Coffee and tea will be provided. Please bring a laptop for the hands-on.


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