Conference Program

Circus 2015
Numerical Mathematics and Computational Science
Umeå University, August 26-27, 2015

The meeting is organized and sponsored by BIT, Umeå University (Computing Science, HPC2N - High Performance Computing Center North, and UMIT Reseach Lab), and eSSENCE - the e-Science Collaboration.

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Wednesday, August 26   MIT Building, Room MA121
12:00 Lunch Hjortron @ Universum
13:10 Welcome to BIT Circus 2015  
  Bo Kågström, Umeå University, Chair of the Organizing Committee
Olavi Nevanlinna, Aalto University, Chair of the BIT Foundation Board
13:20 Keynote presentation (substituting Lars Eldén): Olavi Nevanlinna,
  Computability Concepts in Spectral Computations Aalto University
14:00 Session 1 - Chairperson: Bo Kågström  
  Uniformly best wavenumber approximations Viktor Linders,
    Linköping University
  A Family of Runge-Kutta Starters for Discontinuous ODEs Fatemeh Mohammadi,
    Lund University
  Stabilized Nitsche Cut-Elements for Wave propagation Simon Sticko,
    Uppsala University
  Coupled Sylvester-Type Matrix Equations and Block Diagonalization Andrii Dmytryshyn,
    Umeå University
15.15 Coffee break  
15:45 Session 2 - Chairperson: Olavi Nevanlinna  
  Schur complement matrix and its (elementwise) approximation: A spectral analysis Ali Dorostkar,
  based on GLT sequences Uppsala University
  Matrix-Free Finite Element Computations on Graphics Processors Karl Ljungkvist,
    Uppsala University
  A multibody dynamics model of bacterial biofilms Martin Servin,
    Umeå University
  Convergency of Leap-frog Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Solving Time-Domain Maxwell's Equations with Anisotropic Materials Maryam Khaksar Ghalati,
    Coimbra University
17:00 Poster Blitz and Session – Chairperson: Eddie Wadbro  
  Starts with a brief advertisement of all posters in plenum  
  P1: High order FEM computation of resonances in nanostructures Juan Carlos Araujo-Cabarcas,
    Umeå University
  P2: A Vertex-centered Discontinuous Galerkin Method Sven-Erik Ekström,
    Uppsala University
  P3:NUMA-Aware Blocked Hessenberg Reduction Using Parallel Cache Assignment Mahmoud Eljammaly,
    Umeå University
  P4: Full system Co-simulation for analysis and design of
vehicular mechatronic systems
Mats Johansson,
    Umeå University
  P5: StratiGraph and the Matrix Canonical Structure Toolbox Stefan Johansson,
    Umeå University
  P6: Molecular Structure Reconstruction From Single-Particle Imaging Using GPUs  Jing Liu,
    Uppsala University
  P7: Spectral properties of non-selfadjoint rational operator functions and applications to wave propagation in photonic crystals Axel Torshage,
    Umeå University
  P8: Accelerated granular matter simulation Da Wang
    Umeå University
  P9: Convergence of summation-by-parts finite difference methods for the wave equation Siyang Wang,
    Uppsala University
18:20 Transportation (bus/walk) to Scandic Plaza  
19:00 Dinner and Discussions Scandic Plaza
Thursday, August 27   MIT Building, Room MA121
08:10 Bus from Scandic Plaza to Universum  
08:30 Session 3 – Chairperson: David Cohen  
  Convergence analyses of the Peaceman-Rachford and Douglas-Rachford Schemes for Semilinear Evolution Equations Erik Henningson,
    Lund University
  Producing a Menu of Stationary Solutions to the Axially-Symmetric Einstein-Vlasov System Ellery Ames,
  A New High Order Mimetic Arakawa-Like Jacobian Differential Operator for the Incompressible Vorticity Equation Cristina La Cognata,
    Linköping University
  An exponential integrator for polynomially parameterized linear ODEs Antti Koskela,
  Stochastic diffusion simulations under molecular crowding Lina Meinecke,
    Uppsala University
10:00 Coffee break  
  Session 4– Chairperson: Lars Karlsson  
  Numerical evaluation of the roots of orthogonal polynomials Diego Ruiz Antolín,
    Universidad de Cantabria
  Lagrangian-Eulerian based immersed boundary method for large scale simulations Rahul Bale,
    RIKEN, Japan
  The waveguide eigenvalue problem and the tensor infinite Arnoldi method Giampaolo Mele,
  Preconditioning techniques for discrete PDE-constrained optimization problems Maya Neytcheva,
    Uppsala University
11:50 Lunch Björken
13:15 Session 5 – Chairperson: Eddie Wadbro  
  Singularity of the discrete Laplacian operator Andrea Alessandro Ruggiu,
    Linköping University
  Megapixel Topology Optimization using Quasi-Arithmetic Mean Based Filters Linus Hägg,
    Umeå University
  Parameterless stopping criteria for density matrix expansions Anastasia Kruchinina,
    Uppsala University
  Towards large-scale multiphysics simulations on the K computer Niclas Jansson,
    RIKEN, Japan
  Robust Boundary Conditions for Stochastic Incompletely Parabolic Systems of Equations Markus Wahlsten,
    Linköping University
14:45 Coffee break  
15:15 Session 6– Chairperson: Bo Kågström  
  Coupling Requirements for Well Posed and Stable Multi-physics Problems Fatemeh Ghasemi
    Linköping University
  Element-free elastoplastic solid for nonsmooth multidomain dynamics John Nordberg,
    Umeå University
  Uncertainty Quantification for High Frequency Waves Gabriela Malenova,
  A multilevel subset simulation for estimation of rare events Daniel Elfverson,
    Uppsala University
16:30 Closing words  
  Lars Eldén, BIT Editor in Chief  
  Bo Kågström, Chair of the Organizing Committee  
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