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abisko.JPG HPC2N currently operate one cluster, Abisko (AMD Interlagos cluster comprised of 328 nodes with a total of 15744 cores and 49.5 TB RAM), but we are in the process of procuring another.

Abisko began installation during the fall of 2011, and a partial - or interim system - was in use until february 2012, when the final system was installed. Abisko was extended by a further 10 nodes during January 2014.

Abisko has a theoretical peak performance of 163.74 TF.

A fast 2 PB Center Storage (Lustre) is accessible from our clusters.

Aside from our clusters, HPC2N also provide tape storage through Bender - an IBM TS3500 tape library with IBM Ultrium4 tape drives. In addition, HPC2N is a Tier-1 node for WLCG.

Under these pages you also find a list of much of the software we have installed, including compilers and libraries, as well as information about how to run the various kinds of software.

Updated: 2020-05-28, 09:42