Applying for a User Account - OLD VERSION

Applying for a User account

Apply for a new user account (SNAC or HPC2N)

If you need a user account to access HPC2N's computer systems you first have to register in SUPR. When you have done that and accepted the SNIC User Agreement you can apply for an user account at HPC2N. Note that you need to either be a member of a project first, or have applied for a project. 

Go to the account page on SUPR to apply for an account.

Your information will then be sent to HPC2N, and you will be taken back to a webpage there to chose your username.

User accounts are usually created once a week. You will get an email when the account is ready.

Extending an existing user account

User accounts are automatically prolonged as long as you are member of an active project. Project memberships are handled in SUPR. If you are not a member of an active project we recommend that you apply for membership in an active project or apply for a new project in SUPR. See "Applying for a project" for more information.
Under some circumstances we may extend a user account without it being a member of an active project. In that case, contact us at support@hpc2n.umu.seto request a prolonging of your account.


If you have any questions about how to apply for an account, mail them to:

Find information about SNAC on SNIC's page. They are responsible for allocating the resources in Sweden.

Updated: 2017-12-06, 15:21